Frontier Regional School Committee

Frontier Regional School Committee Members

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm unless otherwise noted.


Cyndie Ouimette - Chair
Conway Elected -Term Ends 2016
William Marrapese, Vice Chair
Deerfield Elected - Term Ends 2018

Robert Halla, Secretary
Whately - 2016/Appointed
Mary Ramon
Budget Sub-Committee
Deefield - 2017/Appointed
William Smith
Budget Sub-Committee (Chair)
Whately Elected - Term Ends 2018

Keith McFarland
Budget Sub-Committee
Sunderland - 2017/Appointed

Lyn Roberts
CES Rep.
Sunderland Elected - Term Ends 2017

Robert Decker, III
Deerfield Elected - Term Ends 2017

Judy Pierce
Sunderland Elected - Term Ends 2019

Philp Kantor
Budget Sub-Committee
Conway - 2017/appointed


Damion Fosnot
Deerfield Elected - Term Ends 2019