Superintendent's Message

Dear Frontier Regional and Union 38 Families and Community Members,

As we all know, creating school budgets has become increasingly challenging due to decreasing federal and state funding and declining enrollment in four of our five schools. In addition, we experienced a 10.4% increase in health insurance costs this year.

While creating this year’s budget, we realized we would have to increase our dependence on our school choice reserves and use the funds to reduce the bottom line. This was done in order to decrease the overall burden to the four towns, however, this practice will not be sustainable in the long term. This year, we made a concerted effort to move a small portion of salaries out of school choice to the general budget in order to offset the shortfall we expect to see in school choice funds.

We are proud of our excellent teacher training and professional development programs funded primarily through Title IIA. We are pleased to report that our teachers have received intensive training that has enabled teachers to collaborate across schools and grade levels on new curriculum and assessment standards. Our teachers have received in depth training on differentiating classroom instruction to ensure that teachers can meet the learning needs of all students. We are proud of our teachers’ efforts to put Frontier Regional and Union 38 schools at the forefront in instructional strategies.

Another area of pride for our district are our early childhood programs. Due to the ever-expanding needs of our youngest learners, we will offer full day, five-day a week preschool classrooms in all our four elementary schools. The long term benefits of pre-school cannot be underestimated, particularly for students who have special needs.

We provide the highest quality educational experience for our students and our schools are well regarded and are looked to as leaders in Massachusetts. We would not have this level of success without the ongoing support of School Committees, Finance Committees, Select Boards, and taxpayers of our towns. We appreciate and thank you for your support.


Lynn M. Carey
Superintendent of Schools




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