Superintendent's Message

Dear Families and Friends of Union 38 and Frontier Regional School Districts,

As superintendent, I have been asked to improve communication with the families and stakeholders of the Union 38 and Frontier Regional School Districts. Since we have so many outstanding opportunities and activities happening in our district, notifying families of everything going on is essential.

One of the first things I would like to go over is our comprehensive district and school websites. The information provided on our websites is extensive in that we post all current activities and announcements daily, as well as upcoming dates of events with any updates as they happen.

On Frontier Regional’s site, a calendar of the whole school year is posted with every activity for every day of each month noted on it. Frontier also has a school newspaper, the Red Hawk Report, that is posted on our website and is full of information and photos on activities that have been and will take place. Frontier Regional is a very active school! Next year, we will be televising our student led Morning News on the website as well.

Information is also provided on the Frontier website about our 24 clubs and activities - each with their own link for more information. Our sports programs also have a dedicated link as there are many teams playing matches and games continuously. You will also find a very informative alumni link, a student health page with information and forms for families to use when providing us with health information, a library media site with information in all the research applications students can use as well as the library catalog, and monthly lunch menus. 

On the district website you will also find a large amount of information including the monthly superintendent's report, upcoming events, the parent portal for Power School, our district mission and vision statements, our complete staff directory, our curriculum plan for the district, access to every school in the district, and enlightening information on our early release practice. While each school has their own website, the district also posts important district news and events on the district page. Our school committee meetings and agendas are also posted. In addition, if you are interested in our school committee meetings but cannot attend, you will find them televised on the internet on the FCAT website.

At Frontier Regional, communication with families about grades, academics, and progress in classes, is easy with the parent portal in our system, Power School. If you go on this site, you can look up all your student's classes and how they are doing in each class at any time. This data is updated every two weeks on average. Otherwise, you may email the individual teachers when you have specific questions about your child and they will respond in a timely fashion. Please contact your child’s guidance counselor to get the information you need to access this program. Also on are on the Frontier website is information on the SAT and ACT exams, college visit dates, college search information, employment information, handbooks and forms, homework calendars, curriculum maps, yearbook information, school trips, listing of faculty and staff email, scholarships, financial aid, and much more. 

Contacting your child’s administration office is convenient as all the phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information is provided on the websites. Parents are able to email their child’s teachers with questions about their children. I am also encouraging the principals to use the all call system to notify all parents of important events and invite them to come. We also notify all families when there is to be a delay or snow day - I have made an effort to do that the evening before to help families make alternative plans in a timely fashion. The Union schools send home monthly newsletters to families and some classrooms and grades even have weekly newsletters they send home to families. 

Providing the schools with information is an efficient process as well. At the Union 38 elementary schools, each child brings home a Back-To-School Pack on the first day of school with an emergency file form to note any changes in address, emergency contacts, and email addresses as well as the computer acceptable use form for the children to sign and Google permission, etc. If the parents do not sign and return the emergency file form, we send out a letter to them directly in the mail to insure the parent has signed off telling us that our demographic information is correct.

During the summer of each year, Frontier Regional School mails a package of information to every students’ home that includes a form for parents to fill in reporting changes to medical and demographic information to insure the information we have listed for them is correct. We also send home a hard copy of the school calendar, free and reduced lunch application, notices from the nurse, and any new changes to our procedures families should be aware of.

I have set a goal of having at least two newspaper articles about our many and varied programs and accomplishments (beyond the usual sports coverage) in the Greenfield Recorder each month.

We are trying very hard to reach all our families and we continue to strive to improve. Input from families is very helpful to us as we try to think of ways outside the box to reach as many people as we can. As you can see we do have the information out there, it may just be a case of informing families where to look. We are constantly working on ways to help familiarize families about the great things we are doing as an educational organization. We enjoy an excellent reputation as an excellent school district because our faculty and staff work diligently in meeting the needs of all the students and their families. I am proud and excited to be part of this school district and will work non-stop to insure we continually improve in our efforts to reach out to the community.

Thank you again for your support of our fine schools,

Lynn M. Carey

Superintendent of Schools


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