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Pooled Testing Postponed Until Next Week 

Beacon has delayed the start of DES pooled testing until next week. Although this might be disappointing for some families, it does give us time to increase our enrollment. Currently, about 30% of the DES community has registered for testing. Surveillance testing works best with higher participation rates. If our enrollment numbers continue to remain below 60% we may have to consider discontinuing the program. Register today! 

Good News! You still have time to register for pooled testing. 

Frontier Regional & Union #38 Schools are participating in a pooled testing initiative led by the Massachusetts Departments of Public Health and Elementary and Secondary Education. Pooled testing is a form of screening in which participants complete a weekly nasal swab under the direction of the school nurse and/or program project staff. Multiple samples are combined (pooled) and tested off site using the PCR test. This allows for detection of asymptomatic persons and quick follow up by the school and our public health partners. Screening works best and keeps us safest when it is “universal” so we strongly encourage everyone to register and participate. This voluntary program is open to all Deerfield Elementary School students and staff who attend in-person. 

Pre-registration by Friday, February 26th, is required to be included in next Week’s testing pool. Need more information before registering? Check out the DES POOL Testing Q & A Document. 

Setting up an account is quick and easy. After your account is set up you will need to set up a profile for each child and for each program. We currently have 2 programs (Pooled and Symptomatic testing). 

Step 1: Set up a Parent/Guardian account (username, password, email and cell phone). 

Step 2: Set up a profile for Pooled testing for each of your children, select “Secondary Profile” or “I am creating this profile for someone else.” You will need to do this for each of your children. Use this link to automatically use the school code ***Families who sign up for both Pooled and symptom testing will have two profiles for each child. One is for pooled and one is for symptomatic testing. If you only choose to sign up for pooled testing, each child will only have one profile. 

Step 3: If you have not already done so, please set up a profile for the BINAX symptomatic testing (antigen testing) for each of your children. Use this link to automatically use the school code. You will need to log out of your account prior to using the link to set up additional profiles. 

For step by instructions use the Registration Guide for Parents 

Individuals will be tested once each week. Please note that the pooled testing is a screening program and not a diagnostic test and that DES is not a general testing site. Only students who are present for in person learning or services at the time the pooled testing is conducted are eligible to participate. 

The pooled testing program does not replace the individual antigen testing program that is designed to test students that become ill during the school day (Step 3 above). Please continue to keep your child home when they are sick or symptomatic and consult your pediatrician. 

If you have any questions please reach out to our health office (Katy Smith or Megan Tudryn) or to Tina Gemme.

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