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"Snow Days"

Dear Frontier and Union #38 Families,

        With the cold weather fast approaching and a hint of snow in the air, I am writing to let you know what our plan for “snow days” is this year. (In fact, they are forecasting snow for Friday!)

The approach to winter weather closures has changed due to our ability to have remote learning. Under new rules from the Department of Education, our district(s) will have remote learning days in place of weather delays and snow days.  Teachers will use a combination of their normal remote learning platform and a-synchronous learning activities/assignments on these days. 

In the case of extreme weather conditions that may include massive power outages, and a community shut down, we may cancel school. 

As a reminder, any canceled day of school will be made up at the end of the school year in June (remote days will not). For example, the “wind day” on October 8th that caused disruption of power and internet failure, and that ultimately resulted in a canceled school day that was added to the end of the school year—making our last day now June 10.  

As a kid, I loved the “magic” of a snow day. Given all mother nature has given us recently, I don’t think we will get through winter without the need to have a snow day or two!   

Stay Safe, Frontier & Union #38 families, and remember following COVID rules keeps our community safe and our schools open. 


Darius Modestow, Superintendent

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever Story Walk Comes to SES October 26-30!

A seasonal "story walk" for the students of Sunderland Elementary School and the local school community will be set up near the school the final week of October.  A story walk consists of a series of 15-18 "stations" where a picture or two from a picture book is placed at each station and participants walk from station to station in order to read the book and look at the illustrations. Given the late October timing, the book featured will be "The Biggest Pumpkin Ever!" by Steven Kroll. 

Amy Battisti, who is the Family Outreach Coordinator for the school district and who has already led story walks at local public libraries, will be setting the story stakes up along the access road connecting the playground behind the school with North Main Street.  Teachers will be invited to take classes out during school time to read this story while walking along the path, but families are also invited to visit after school, especially those with children who are doing remote learning. 

Thanks to Delta Sand and Gravel for giving the school permission to set up the story walk during this time period.


The FRSU38 Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is a parent run organization that supports caregivers who either have concerns about their child’s development, behavior, mental health or receive special education services. We help parents connect with other supportive parents, find local resources, attend workshops and learn about special education services. The SEPAC also advises the district on the education and safety of students with disabilities.  We hold monthly meetings, please click HERE for the 2020-2021 meeting dates.

Spirit Week At SES!

Spirit Week At SES!


October 26 - October 30, 2020


Help us celebrate Sunderland Elementary School spirit by joining together with your classmates and teachers to promote our School Spirit!


Monday, October 26:  CRAZY HAT Day!  Wear your favorite hat today.  Remember, no sharing hats please.


Tuesday, October 27:  MISMATCH Day!  Wear stripes, patterns, plaids, prints and more.  Remember to mis-match your socks, jewelry, your shoes too.


Wednesday, October 28:  PET Day!  Bring your favorite stuffed animal or live pet to your meeting today.  


Thursday, October 29:  RAINBOW Day!  Wear the colors of the rainbow to reflect our school’s diversity.

Friday, October 30:  Physical Activity Day!  Start your day the healthy way with the Sunderland 5:  5 stretches, 5 jumping jacks, 5 sit ups.  Wear your favorite team sports shirts today. 

Family Tech Center tech38

Introducing Family Tech Center
This is a public website familytech.frsu38.org where students and families will find information, demonstration videos, and guidance on technology we use in the district.

Click here to submit a tech ticket if you need technology help

Anti-Racism & Equity Committee 2020 Mission Statement and Goals
COVID Wellness Resources

Frontier Regional & Union #38 District Faculty have worked together to develop a list of resources to address health and wellness needs of our school community.  These lists offer information and activities that are important for children's physical health and social/emotional success. 

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