District Goals and Objectives

Frontier Regional and Union #38 School Districts

Goals and Objectives

2012 – 2015

Overarching Goal: Create 21st Century Learning Communities for educators and students supporting: creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Goal 1: Create a common vision and understanding of 21st Century Skills.

Key Actions:

  • Administrators attend the BLC conference July, 2012.
  • Administrative team creates a 21st Century action plan.


  1. 21st Century action plan first draft completed by September, 2012.

Goal 2: Design a 3-year professional development plan for implementing 21st Century teaching skills.

Key Actions:

  • Create a 3-year professional development plan.
  • Teachers participate in professional development to build 21st Century teaching Skills.
  • Teachers write a smart goal related to 21st Century Skills.


  1. District Professional Development Plan created by October, 2012.
  2. Identify and invite presenters/consultants to assist faculty in developing 21st century teaching skills.
  3. All teachers will participate in professional development related to 21st Century Skills.
  4. Teachers write one smart goal each year to develop their skills as a 21st century teachers.

Goal 3: Create curriculum that reflects 21st Century Skills.

Key Actions:

  • Create timeline for curriculum mapping in all grades, courses and subjects.
  • Develop curriculum maps for every grade, course and subject to include: applicable state or national standards, learning objectives, and assessments.


  1. By July, 2012 create timeline for curriculum mapping.
  2. By July, 2014 completion of all curriculum maps.

Goal 4: Instructional practices will support 21st Century Skills.

Key Actions:

  • Students will work collaboratively.
  • Students will engage in learning activities that promote critical thinking (analyzing, evaluating and creating).
  • Students will participate in project-based learning.
  • Students will use 21st Century tools to acquire, manage and analyze information.
  • Students will produce effective written communication.
  • Students will investigate the world beyond their immediate environment in order to develop global competencies.


  1. Baseline data of 21st Century teaching practices gathered in all schools fall, 2012.
  2. Data will be collected and analyzed 3 times during the 2012/2013 school year to measure the progress towards implementing practices that support 21st Century skills.

Goal 5: Provide all students access to instruction that effectively integrates 21st century technology tools.

Key Actions

  • Continue to build inventory of technology tools.


  1. Share and analyze current technology inventory with administrative team.
  2. Determine technology needs.


Frontier           September 11, 2012   

Conway           September 20, 2012   

Deerfield         September 5, 2012     

Sunderland      September 18, 2012   

Whately           September 10, 2012    

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