3/10/2020 Family Letter

Please find answers to some of the questions you may have below: 

Q: What are we doing to increase handwashing for students and staff? How?

  1. At the elementary schools we are asking students, under the guidance of their classroom teacher, to wash their hands upon entering the classroom, before and after lunch and before being released at the end of the day.

  2. At the middle/high school level processes are being implemented to increase the frequency of hand washing multiple times per day.

  3. Visitors to our schools will be reminded to wash hands/use sanitizer upon entry.


Q:  What is the district doing to keep the schools clean and prevent COVID-19?

Custodians in all FRSU38 schools are increasing the routine cleaning of door knobs, handles, bathrooms, eating areas and food prep areas by increasing sanitizing throughout the day.


Q. What about students who are out sick?

  1. If students display symptoms of COVID-19, including a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, they should not come to school.  Families are advised to call the child’s primary care physician for guidance. 

  2. We are asking families to voluntarily report if their child is absent with a respiratory illness or fever. 


Q. What will happen when a member of our school community or family member has been exposed or is suspected of having COVID-19?

  1. If a student, staff, or community member associated with our school has been positively identified with COVID-19, we will coordinate with the local and state health boards regarding school closure recommendations.  Current guidance indicates closure for at least 24-48 hours to sanitize building(s) or longer as needed.

  2. Families will be notified using the same systems that are currently in place for snow day cancelations. 


Q. What do we do if we have household members who are vulnerable? 

  1. Current information suggests that COVID-19 is not a large threat to our students. However, students may have family members whose health systems are compromised and/or are medically fragile. We ask each family to evaluate their own level of risk and respond accordingly. People at Risk for Serious Illness from COVID-19

  2. We STRONGLY recommend families have all household members, including children, develop the routine of washing hands upon arrival at home. 


Q. What happens if schools close for longer than the two days for cleaning? Will students have assignments? 

  1. Planning for educational continuity is important and we are currently exploring remote learning opportunities with principals and teachers. Developing assignment packets, providing e-learning experiences, and suggested reading lists are areas of exploration. Commissioner Riley will also provide guidance to school systems on this topic as well.  More information will follow as needed.


 Q. What is happening with our student trips?

  1. In accordance with Governor Baker, DHP and CDC recommendations, we are cancelling our three International Trips (Dutch exchange is postponed until next fall, the France and Spain trip are currently in the process of being cancelled/rescheduled.)

  2. We are evaluating domestic school trips on a case-by-case fashion. You will be notified of changes to these trips by either your school principal or another member of the administration team.  If you have questions about possible changes to school trips, please contact your principal.  

Q. What happens to the 180 school day rule if school is canceled for a longer than the two days for cleaning? Answer from the Massachusetts Department of Education

  1. All days lost to health, weather, or safety emergencies between the first day of the school year and March 31 must be made up by rescheduling full school days to ensure a 180-day school year.

  2. All days lost between April 1 and June 1 must be made up to ensure a 180-day school year or until the district has reached its previously-scheduled 185th day, whichever comes first. If all five snow days have been used prior to this point, the district is not required to schedule additional school days.

  3. Districts will not be expected to make up any days lost after June 1.


We will continue to provide updates and helpful information on our website https://www.frsu38.org

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