Superintendent's Message

Hello Frontier Regional & Union #38 Elementary School Families,

As I scraped the frost off my windshield, it was clear that snow and ice season will be here soon whether we are ready or not.  I am writing to communicate with all families about what to expect in the case of a school delay or closure due to winter storms.  I want to ensure consistency in communication to assist families in preparing for last minute changes in your schedules. Below are our guidelines and an explanation of how decisions are made. I wish everyone a safe and wonderful winter season!

— Darius Modestow, Superintendent


Guidelines for weather delays or closures:

1.) School closure decisions will be made as early as possible. On the morning of a weather closure or delay, I will do my best to have the decision made by 5:15 am with a robocall and email sent out by 5:30 am.

2.) I will also continue the practice of notifying our community the night before a day that we know will have at least a two-hour delayed opening with the understanding that there may be a morning update which leads to closure.  I have heard a lot of positive feedback on this practice as it allows families to begin planning on an interrupted schedule.

3.) If a school opening delay occurs it will be a 2 hour delayed opening.

How school closure decisions are made:  

The Superintendent of Schools ultimately makes the decision to close or delay school due to inclement weather.  I do however consult with others, including the town road crews, to make the most informed decision possible.

1.) I have already met with each of the four towns’ road chiefs and developed a communication schedule for weather closures.  During a storm, I will be in direct contact with each to learn about the current conditions of the road and their capacity to keep roads safe for bus and car travel.

2.)  I review the weather using multiple weather websites and news outlets and confer with other area superintendents on their analysis of the weather and the impact on travel to the schools.

3.)  Our four towns and extended community of teacher residents and school choice families cover hundreds of miles of roads with large elevation ranges and a variety of surfaces from asphalt to graded dirt.  I will do my best to make the appropriate decision for school delay or closure, However, if your situation conflicts with the district decision please rely on your own to keep you and your family safe.


Additional thoughts for families:
Families should prepare a contingency plan in the event that there may be a need for a sudden early dismissal after the students are already at school. This doesn’t happen often, but it is best to have a plan for how your family will handle this situation.

Parents of high school drivers or soon to be drivers:
Please talk to your children about driving in winter conditions.  School delays are designed to create time to properly clean cars of snow and ice and to drive with more caution.  It is a common practice among families to not allow younger drivers to have car privileges during or after winter weather events. Additionally, if road conditions are poor during lunch periods, the high school suspends senior lunch driving privileges.



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