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Help with internet searches

Use reliable sources of information like those listed above. It is a good idea to get information from more than one source and compare them. Remember to cite each and every source you use like we learned in class!

If you do a google search, try these tricks to increase you google-fu!


Function: noun 
Etymology: (search website) gOngfu skill, art 
Date: 2003 

: the ability to quickly answer any given question using internet resources, such as a search engine 

Example: "My google-fu is strong this morning."

From The Urban Dictionary, 2003

Use synonyms in your keyword search. This can broaden your search results.

Use the Site: operator to ask the search engine to limit results to website that are .org, .gov or .edu. This helps limit the amount of results that have nothing to do with what you are looking for. .Gov and .Edu sites are usually fairly reliable because they are government or educational institutions.

For example type this search query into your favorite search engine;

jaguars. What do you get? Cars, sports teams, clothing with Jaguars on it and stuffed animals, right?

Try this;

site: jaguars You should get results that focus on the animal jaguar and not shopping sites for the Jaguar car or Jaguar stuffed animals.

Now try this search query to narrow down your results to only animals. Think of the - symbol as a hyphen, not a minus. You are asking the search engine to only give you results that are animals.


When on a page, use control + F command and type in a keyword. Maybe you are looking for the habitat of the Jaguar. Type habitat into the find on page box and that word will be highlighted on the document, saving you tons of time!

And one more important one,

adding kids to your search query will pull up sites that are specifically for kids and at a more manageable reading level. You can also change the reading level in google advanced search. Most kids will struggle with a college level text! Use these tricks to quickly find the information you need!

Ok, two more things..Use google's advanced search tools to narrow down your topic!

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