Message to Our Community


First, as public safety officials, we want to assure you that we will focus on how we can deliver on the promise of effective and fair public safety protection. As always, we strive to remain ever thoughtful in our work to ensure that all members of our community feel safe, protected, listened to, and served by all members of our public safety departments.

Second, our school district continues to commit to our shared values that: diversity is a strength and an asset; every individual has equal human value; and that a secure and safe environment and peaceful conflict resolution are essential to learning and to society. We will continue to build social justice training for our staff as we connect with our students, discuss real-world problems and multiple perspectives, and create classroom communities.

Third, our community leaders will determine the best ways for us to engage on this important mission as we continue to move forward. We feel a deep sense of responsibility and recognize that we must be allies, to stand alongside together, and we stand alongside you. 

Finally, for all of us as public officials, this tragedy makes us reflect on our own practices, behavior, and attitudes. We ask ourselves whether we are doing enough, are vigilant enough, and whether we have fostered a true culture of respect and honesty. We try to do this through training, listening, and learning, and by maintaining an attitude of humility and service. We also feel deeply that to see injustices and say nothing is to condone them. When things are unjust, we believe it is our role to speak out. 

We have been living in an extremely stressful time. And yet, since mid-March, we have saved lives in this pandemic. We have isolated ourselves, changed the way we live, and sacrificed to safeguard the well-being of the most vulnerable among us as we prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. It is vital to remember that we have been united in easing suffering, improving lives, and providing hope during a turbulent and challenging period of our history. These actions throughout this crisis lead us to believe that we are capable, all of us, of creating the America we must insist belongs to us all. 

"Racism in America is like dust in the air. It seems invisible - even if you're choking on it - until you let the sun in. Then you see it everywhere.” 

Kareem Abdul-Jabar 


Respectfully from the Frontier Region four town leadership. 

Darius Modestow, Superintendent of Schools
Tom Hutcheson, Conway Town Administrator 
Trevor McDaniel, Deerfield Selectboard
Kristen Gordon, Principal Conway Grammar 
Carolyn Shores Ness, Deerfield Selectboard
Philip Kantor, Conway Selectboard 
John Paciorek, Jr., Deerfield Chief of Police
Kenneth Ouimette, Conway Chief of Police
Kasey Warren, Deerfield Town Administrator
Joyce Palmer-Fortune, Whately Selectboard
George Lanides, Principal Frontier Regional
Johnathon Edwards, Whately Selectboard
Tina Gemme, Principal Deerfield Elementary
Kristen Kirton, Principal Whately Elementary
Scott A. Bergeron, Sunderland Selectboard 
David J. Pierce, Sunderland Selectboard 
Thomas D. Fydenkevez, Sunderland Selectboard 
Erik Demetropoulos, Sunderland Chief of Police
Ben Barshefsky, Principal Sunderland Elementary 
Geoff Kravitz, Sunderland Town Administrator

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