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Frontier  Regional School Committee

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Chair, Robert Halla, appointed (Whately), term expires 2023 – Negotiations Representative, Capital Improvement Committee & Policy Review Subcommittee

Vice Chair, William Smith, elected (Whately), term expires 2025 – Budget Subcommittee

Secretary, Christopher White, elected (Sunderland), term expires 2025

Member, Olivia Leone, elected (Deerfield), term expires 2024 – Negotiations Representative & Policy Review Subcommittee

Member, Philip Kantor, appointed (Conway), term expires 2023 – Budget Subcommittee, Negotiations Representative, Capital Improvement Subcommittee & Policy Review Subcommittee

Member, Mary Ramon, appointed (Deerfield), term expires 2024 – Budget Subcommittee

Member, Joseph Elias, appointed (Sunderland), term expires 2024

Member, Keith McFarland, elected (Sunderland), term expires 2026 – Budget Subcommittee

Member, Damien Fosnot, elected (Deerfield), term expires 2025 – Capital Improvement Committee

Member, Melissa Novak, elected (Deerfield), term expires 2023 – MARS Representative

Member, Jared Campbell, elected (Conway), term expires 2025

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6 pm unless otherwise noted.