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Sunderland School Committee Members

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Chair: Gregory Gottschalk, Term Expires 2023 U-Rep

Vice Chair: Jessica Corwin, Term Expires 2022 School Council, U-Rep, Neg. Rep

Member: Meghan Arquin, Term expires 2024 U-Rep

Member: Keith McFarland, Term Expires 2023; F-Rep, CES Rep

Secretary: Peter Gagarin, Term Expires 2024

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm unless otherwise noted.


Agenda & Minutes
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August 2022 Agenda
August 2022 Minutes

September 2022 Agenda
September 2022 Minutes

October 2022 Agenda
October 2022 Minutes

November 2022 Agenda
November 2022 Minutes

December 2022 Agenda
December 2022 Minutes

January 2023 Agenda
January 2023 Minutes

February 2023 Agenda
February 2023 Minutes

March 2023 Agenda
March 2023 Minutes

April 2023 Agenda
April 2023 Minutes

May 2023 Agenda
May 2023 Minutes

June 2023 Agenda
June 2023 Minutes